VanEck Gives bitcoins ETF another boost. This time, it’s the silver-backed ETF which makes the move. In August, VanEck added bitcoins as one of its investments. Back then, the precious metal was priced at an all-time high as investors clamored to get in before the price bubble burst. Now, VanEck has upped the ante by adding etheric gold as well.

Investing in gold is a smart move for those who are bullish on securing their wealth. For one thing, gold is the best store of value out there. There’s never a shortage and its market price is always going up. That makes it a good buy, particularly when compared to stocks or bonds. If you can manage to hold onto your gold for an extended period of time, that’s even better.

The problem with buying silver in the commodity markets is that it’s a very inefficient way of acquiring physical metal. Commodities like soybeans and corn always have to be shipped in large quantities. And they have to be processed quickly to make it usable by human consumption. Gold is the same. You have to wait for the metal to be refined and mixed with other elements in order to make it usable for storage.

A smart move would be to simply invest in silver. It’s the best buy and works just as well as gold. Plus, you can’t lose your money. You can buy one silver coin and keep adding to it over the years. This is a long-term investment and if you are disciplined, you can earn profits from it without having to worry about storage, transportation, refining, and so on.

VanEck has now upped its game by adding the etheric alternative. By pairing silver with gold, investors can benefit from both bullion and gold. It’s a long-term buy and protects against inflation. If you want to become a millionaire, invest in ether and not in gold.

Investors should take VanEck’s lead. Get in touch with van derck via their website. He’ll explain all the benefits associated with this service. And he’ll also guide investors towards the right VanEck stock. By purchasing just one eck stock, VanEck provides investors with the most comprehensive, efficient, and secure way to buy physical precious metals.

The VanEck company is based in New York. So the chances of getting hold of the coins by mail are high. But that doesn’t bother investors. They realize that they can have access to these coins just about anywhere. Whenever they fly to Vegas, they still have their opportunity to make the purchase and fly off to the beach.

VanEck gives its customers the opportunity to secure their private information on the Internet. And VanEck makes it easy for its investors to communicate with each other. If you’re an investor and you’re looking for a place to purchase coins, get in touch with van derck.