Bitcoin Pro Review

Bitcoin Pro is presented to investors in the cryptocurrency market as one of the best automated cryptocurrency trading platforms. The creators of Bitcoin Pro state on theirofficial website that it is a responsive online cryptocurrency trading platform that can be used on smartphones, laptops, and other computers. Analysing the need for such a platform will reveal that it is much better to trade with automated cryptocurrency systems, as indicated by experienced traders. They have tested the manual and automated crypto trading systems.

In summary, Bitcoin Pro is said to stand out from the rest as one of the widely used automated crypto trading platforms that have already started transforming the lives of its users.

The statements on the official Bitcoin Pro website reveal crucial information that can help new investors understand how the system works and benefits. There is a comprehensive analytics report that has been publicly displayed for all visitors to view. The report indicates that the accuracy rating on Bitcoin Pro is outstandingly high, at 98% the report states that Bitcoin Pro offers one of the best opportunities to make money from the cryptocurrency market. Visit to check out their auto trading platform.

Bitcoin Pro Registration: four steps to trading

Opening a trading account and start trading with Bitcoin Pro is extremely simple.

Let’s take a look at how to get started with this trading robot.

Step 1: Register for a free trading account

First, you need to visit Bitcoin Pro’s official website and fill in your personal details in the registration form.

Bitcoin Pro requires you to submit your first and last name and your email address.

Then, the robot immediately connects you with one of its partner brokers that is regulated in your country.

Step 2: Deposit funds

At the time of writing, automated trading robots are not authorized to collect funds from users and as a result, the robot channels you to a regulated broker that makes sure your funds are safe, in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Simply look for the deposit funds button and transfer the minimum requirement of 250 through one of the provided payment methods.

Step 3: Demo account

Some of the brokers enable traders to use a demonstration account so users get familiar with the platform and understand the dynamic of the markets without having to risk real money. 

We can confirm that most of Bitcoin Pro’s partner brokers offer a demo account, however, you will have to check with your assigned broker.

If you are able to open a demo account, we suggest that you trade for a few days until you feel convenient with the platform.

Step 4: Live trading

Now that are ready to trade and the funds have reached your account balance, it’s recommended that you adjust the risk settings including a daily stop loss, stop loss per trade, daily take profit and the maximum trades per day.

Then, click on the auto-trading live button and the software immediately starts working.


Getting started with Bitcoin Pro

Signing up and trading with Bitcoin Pro should be a walk in the park for those who can follow instructions.

You need to peruse through the provided trading guide before proceeding to live trading. As stated earlier, Bitcoin Pro comes with a 12-page graphical trading manual and two video tutorials.

It also hosts regular webinars to update users on the latest market happenings. You should subscribe to Bitcoin Pro app mailing list to receive updates on upcoming webinars. The steps explained below should get you started with Bitcoin Pro.

Create your Bitcoin Pro account here

STEP ONE: Registration

Registering an auto trading account is free of charge. This is unlike most competitors who charge an annual license fee of up to $5000.

Bitcoin Pro app offers trading for free and charges a 2% fee on any earnings supposedly made through it. This implies that it does not make any money if its users are not profitable. It is also worth noting that the underlying broker also charges a markup fee per trade.

Bitcoin Pro App partner brokers apply the STP+ECN model and hence charge highly competitive floating spreads and zero commissions. Registering a trading account with Bitcoin Pro app is safe and secure. This broker seems to observe strict data privacy regulations.

STEP TWO: Verification

Bitcoin Pro App and its partner brokers operate in line with regulatory requirements. Consequently, all users must verify their contact details and identity with them.

Contact detail verification happens on the broker’s page while ID verification is carried out by the underlying broker. This is in line with the Know Your Customer (KYC) measures as required by top-tier regulators.

Embrace the identity verification measures since they are for protecting you. The ID verification process only takes a few minutes.


No investment on planet earth doesn’t require capital. You need at least 250 USD to start trading with the Bitcoin Pro software.

As mentioned previously, it is the role of Bitcoin Pro partner brokers to facilitate transactions. These brokers are regulated and hence highly trustworthy. The majority of Bitcoin Pro brokers accept deposits through debit/credit cards, wire transfer, e-wallets, and crypto-wallets.

Bitcoin Pro partner brokers don’t charge any deposit fees. Moreover, you can deposit up to $100k through these brokers. There is risk in BTC CFDs trading, and hence you should only deposit what you can afford to lose.

STEP FOUR: Demo practice

Bitcoin Pro provides a wide range of trading resources to help users understand the auto trading process. You must read the Bitcoin Pro app trading guide before proceeding to live trading.

Failure to invest enough time in this section may result in costly mistakes when running the live web-trader. Bitcoin Pro comes with an advanced demo account to help its users practice before proceeding to live trading.

Please note that the demo comes with nearly all features of the live account. You won’t struggle in live trading if you take enough time to practice through the demo.

STEP Five: Live trading

Live trading shouldn’t be a challenge for those who dedicate enough time on the demo. You only need to set risk to match your risk profile and open a live session by toggling the trade now button.

Bitcoin Pro app seems to perform well when left to run for at least 8 hours daily. However, the trading session should be closed by the end of each trading day to avoid rollover costs. Brokers charge these costs for positions that are left open overnight or during the weekend.

Bitcoin Pro supposedly performs better during periods of high market volatility. The best time to run it is between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. This is the time when BTC CFDs volatility is high due to trading of BTC derivatives in Wall Street.

Visit the Official Bitcoin Pro Website

Conclusion Report

If you want to start trading Bitcoins and enjoy the advantages of the cryptocurrency boom, start with Bitcoin Pro. This is a predictive auto-trading app. You dont have to learn how to trade and then start trading. You can log in to this trading platform and start booking profits from your first trade. Even expert traders use this app for its fast market analysis and high-frequency trading.

So, with Bitcoin Pro, its a win-win situation every time you trade. Register and start trading now!


Is the Bitcoin Pro legal and safe?

Yes, it is legal and safe. Bitcoin Pro trading app uses all security measures in its platform. It also follows all the legal provisions.

How much money can you make through the Bitcoin Pro app?

The money earned by you through the Bitcoin Pro app depends on your capital and the risk you take. It also depends on the ups and downs of the Bitcoin market. You can earn thousands of dollars daily by trading on this app.

How much should you invest in the Bitcoin Pro app?

You have to deposit a minimum amount of $250 to start trading. You may increase your funds to make more profits.

Can you withdraw your funds/profit from the Bitcoin Pro app?

Bitcoin Pro trading app allows you to withdraw your money whenever you want. You just have to fill up the request form and wait for 2 days for your money to reach your bank.

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