Bitcoin Code Review

What is Bitcoin Code

BitCoin Code system which is also referred to as Bitcoin millions is an awesome cryptocurrency trading bot created in 2017 by Steve McKay. Steve is a great software developer, and it took him many years to design and develop this bot. However, Bitcoin Code system came out with so much help and was greatly accepted by many bitcoin investors since it was released. The concept used for Bitcoin code was gotten when McKay was an employee to a particular businessman who had access to a lot of insider information about the market.

This undisclosed businessman has made Steve keep this a secret, without letting the public know what is going on. As soon as this man disappeared, with no one knowing his whereabouts, Steve then decided to reveal the secret to how people could profit easily from the cryptocurrency market with no additional knowledge.


  • Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam
  • Profit Ratio 89%
  • Bitcoin Code is completely transparent
  • Works on Phone and Computer



This trading software has been tested and confirmed to have a winning ratio of 99.4%. This excellent performance is as a result of the software’s automated Bitcoin mining algorithm. Users have been able to make as high as $14,000 daily, and of course, the software is legitimate and safe for all to use.

BitCoin Code is not a scam!

How Does BitCoin Code Operate?

BitCoin Code System has both manual and automated modes. If you are a Bitcoin investor and you can mine Bitcoin on your own, you are free to implement your personal and/or acquired strategies. What you need to do is depend totally on this software’s autopilot and well-designed algorithm. 

A fascinating thing to various traders is that the problems associated with Bitcoin mining and the inability to use Bitcoin to make payment in the real worked have been totally eradicated. The bot exchanges and transfers Bitcoin into the desired currency of the user. The user can operate or use it in whatever way he or she desires.

Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoins in 2009, the subject of discussion has been how Bitcoins can be applied and used owing to its total difference to traditional currencies of the real world. Fortunately, BitCoin Code System has actually put an end to that by automating everything for the end-user.

No Additional Download

Users of BitCoin Code System app can just invest and leave the rest for the software to do; that is, the software will automate the trading across the globe provided that there is a stable internet connection. Users can who wish to trade from home can also trade on any device or browser, and they don’t have to download any other software or app.

Some Benefits Attached to the Bitcoin Code

  • Ease of Use: This Bitcoin Code can perform cryptocurrency and bitcoin trade without the user having to be actively involved, as it’s an automated crypto trading software application. The trading tools are very simple to learn and available to users from all over the world who want to make profits daily, unlike other platforms and software where users might need to go for some special training to use such.
  • Curbed Risk: The height of the risk involved with crypto trading is equivalent to the profit one can make from the platform. Hence, the chances of having a huge return on investment is high, because the Bitcoin Code has gone through the extensive test.
  • Legitimacy: The doubt of whether or not it is a scam is no more as we believe that people who call Bitcoin Code a scam simply don’t understand the risks of automated trading. The software is tested, and completely free; As oftentimes, those who clamour scam about the process are mainly people without an understanding of how it really works.
  • Win-win situation: as of September 2019, Bitcoin Code claims that their software has a win ratio of around 99.4%, which has attributed to its popularity.
  • Quick transactions: The software allows for speedy and multiple transactions in split seconds, which the ordinary trader cannot make within a short time limit, and this is one of the reasons for the popularity of the platform.
  • Lastly, Customer support; which is one sure way the platform has built confidence and trust in its users, as help is always a click away.

Who is really running the BitCoin Software?

We have already established that stealing someone’s identity and posting fake testimonials is the hallmark of a scam. But just in case you wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt lets take a look at their marketing and examine the claims of earning huge amounts.

By a scam’s standards what they claim and what they advertise is just insane. One of the testimonials claims that they made over half a million dollars in just six months of running the software.
But anyone who has done some trading will tell you that the figure is overly exaggerated. Even if you use the best legitimate software on the planet your win rate will be between 85-90%, and that’s on a great day, but even that isn’t going to make you six figures in just a couple of months.

This is obviously a paid actor, pretending to be the creator of the system

The plot thickens if you’re willing to look beyond the fake testimonials. All you see are young, beautiful people in every picture. So, you’re led to believe that making a truckload of money led to that youthful appearance, or perhaps they meet and share notes!

They probably meet up on luxury yachts and seven-star hotels while their laptop does all the trading making them $5500 a day. That is the ideal life, but only its way too good to be true. Now we may think that we’ve seen just about every type of scam out there but this one is incredibly funny because it assumes that people are really dumb.

Though in reality, the Bitcoin Code Platform is no reason to laugh. These guys are sucking people into giving them a lot of money. Also, a lot of what we’ve managed to expose many people may not be aware of.

Many have been conned by these people and have ended up helplessly watching their money vanish into thin air. Don’t even consider that you stand a chance of making any money with this platform. Signing up is not even worth your time so don’t get sucked into their skewed perception of reality.

Demo trading account

This is one of the features we were delighted to test. It is important for all auto trading platforms to have a demo trading feature. This is a part of using auto trading robots that helps new investors to understand what the entire process is all about. We also know that only legit trading platforms have added the demo trading feature because they have nothing to hide.
On Bitcoin Code, we tested the demo trading feature, and it works without a glitch. The demo trading sessions we had gave us an insight into how the trading robots work. Many new users will find this feature very helpful and educative.

Bitcoin Code and the media

It was very surprising to find different claims and other information online about Bitcoin Code. We saw claims that Bitcoin Code has been featured many times on popular TV shows such as The Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den, and The Morning Show to mention a few. We were curious about this information because there was no mention of such affiliations on the official Bitcoin Code website. So we decided to verify these claims during our review. It turns out that these are just claims and they are false. We reached out the administrative team behind Bitcoin Code who confirmed that many of those claims are false. We also heard from a few TV hosts on the shows through their social media handles. They confirmed that there is no truth in those claims.

Sadly, we have also seen that some people post claims online to make people believe Bitcoin Code has been endorsed by celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Martin Lewis, Elon Musk, and Peter Jones among others. These are also false claims. We have proof that these claims are put out there to direct online traffic to an affiliate website where baseless software and other scams are peddled to unsuspecting buyers.
Please note that only the information you get from the official Bitcoin Code site should be regarded as authentic.

Is there is a Bitcoin Code mobile app?

There is currently no mobile app for the Bitcoin Code; however, the best way to access the system is through a regular browser on your smartphone or laptop.


Does the payout system offer Bitcoins?

No, it doesn’t, instead the value in a users’ account is converted to their local currency and sent to the bank account provided when the account was registered.

Why is the win rate on Bitcoin Code so high?

We observed that the win rate is high because the robots work with an intelligent AI-based algorithm that makes it possible to scan the massive data from the cryptocurrency market in seconds. That is how the trading robots can identify money-making opportunities and seal good deals for the investors.

How much is needed to use Bitcoin Code?

Regarding the registration of a new account and the sign-up process, it is completely free. However, the deposit range has been set as $250, which is the lowest deposit limit and $15,000 is the highest deposit limit.

Do I need special training to use Bitcoin Code?

No, you don’t, the trading robots do all the work for you. All you need to do is to ensure that your Bitcoin Code account is funded, when this is done, activate the live trade feature. The trading robots do the rest work to make you richer after the trading session.

Bitcoin Code Review: Our Verdict

We have tested Bitcoin Code and arrived at a verdict. Bitcoin Code is a legit auto trading site for cryptocurrency. It is fully registered and can be trusted. We have used all the features of Bitcoin Code, made live trades, used the demo trading feature, and made a withdrawal from our account.

These transactions will not be possible if Bitcoin Code is a scam, we would have been able to deposit but not withdraw. We confidently recommend Bitcoin Code to everyone who needs a reliable auto trading platform for cryptocurrency that guarantees a daily profit.