An advertisement campaign telling the people who’it is time to purchase’ bitcoin was banned following the advertising watchdog ruled that it had been reckless and misleading.

The high profile effort, that has featured greatly across the London underground and also the capital’s bus community since December, conducted using the strapline’In case you are seeing bitcoin about the underground, then it is time to purchase’.

The Advertising Standards Authority’s move to ban the advertisements comes a week after the purchase price of the world’s biggest digital money dropped up to 30 percent per day – to half of the record highs of over $64,000 (#45,256) it attained at mid-April – following a Chinese government crackdown on banks’ use of cryptocurrencies.

The ASA received complaints that the advertisements failed to exemplify the risks associated with trading and investing in bitcoin, which isn’t controlled in the united kingdom, and was so ineffective. The watchdog also got a complaint that the advertisements’took advantage of customers’ inexperience or credulity’.

In its judgment against Luno, the cryptocurrency market that’s part of a group which also possesses CoinDesk, the advertisement watchdog said the option to show the advertisements about the London underground and buses intended that fiscal novices were targeted.

The ASA said the ease of this’it is time to purchase’ announcement’gave the impression the bitcoin investment was accessible and straightforward.

‘We knew the bitcoin investment was complicated, volatile and may introduce investors to losses,’ said the ASA. ‘That stood compared to this advertisement.

The ASA prohibited the advertising campaign for breaching the UK code misleading and irresponsible marketing.

Back in March, the ASA prohibited a similar-style full page advertisement in a local paper that advised readers’that there is not any purpose in keeping your cash in the bank’, such as a lien that clarified bitcoin as’digital gold’.

Before this month, the Tesla chief branded and executive cryptocurrency supporter, Elon Musk, published a series of tweets that seemed to show he’d created a U-turn on his service for its decentralised coins. Musk suspended intends to allow Tesla clients pay for automobiles in bitcoin due to environmental concerns regarding the energy needed to mine .

‘Cryptocurrency is a fantastic idea on several levels and we think it’s a promising future, however, that cannot come at great cost to the environment,”’ he said .